The Dragon Mascot wanders the Grounds during the week of the Tournament of Ages!
They offer tours of the Grand Crusade's spectacle, along with hosting fun trivia for prize chances!

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But DRAGON. What do I WIN?

keep an ear out for active Dragon Tours
as they take place across the Grounds during different times of the day!

you might also be randomly approached by the Dragon Mascot
and asked a trivia question for a FREE NON-LIMITED ENTRY!


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Booth 1 - Live Painting by Calria
Booth 2 - Stormwind City Watch
Booth 3 - Hollowlight Ventures & Sebrak's Siren Sea Shop
Booth 4 - The First Regiment
Booth 5 - Azeroth Atheneum
Booth 6 - Gilnean Brigade
Booth 7 - The Citrine Eagle
Booth 8 - The Highguard
Booth 9 - Custodes Vitae
Booth 10 - The Cast Company
Booth 11 -The Ephemeral Wagon
Booth 12 - Neverlost Trading Co.
Booth 13 - The Stonewind Tribe
Booth 14 - Tour Dragon Depot & Alabaster Lotus
Booth 15 - The Rose Garden Tavern
Booth 16 - Wandering Booths
Booth 17 - Ashes of Al'ar
Booth 18 - Branch and Lantern
Booth 19 - Darkmoon's Finest
Booth 20 - The Dwarven Vanguard
Booth 21 - Om Nom Noodles
Booth 22 - Pride of Gnomeregan
Booth 23 - Essence Enchanted Cosmetics